King of the Sport-Tourers?

BMW K1300 vs. Honda VFR1300 Comparison Review


Who shall be King of the Sport-Tourers? Ok, this can’t really be a battle for the crown, since we’re excluding some other notable bikes that can both carve corners and carry some serious luggage. But we’d like to think that one of these two beasties has a chance to take the crown. After all, they both displace over 1200cc, they come from well-respected brands, have excellent finish and build quality, and cost a pretty penny, too.

Your Motorcycle New Guy would be more than happy to put either of these gorgeous machines through their paces. The winding roads of Highway 1 just north of San Francisco would be a perfect spot, I think.

Personally, the idea of a powerful sport-touring motorcycle just resonates so strongly in me – it makes me think of freedom and adventure – that I’m sure I’ll own one at some point. I would feel lucky if it were one of these two.

For more details, dyno charts, and lots of pretty photos check out the full comparo (including video) from

3 comments to King of the Sport-Tourers?

  • Great blog. I just wanted to say thank you for your work!

  • Both BMW and Honda are angling this duo toward the sport side of the sport-touring equation, so price and weight are kept to a minimum by excluding several typical touring amenities.

  • I always thought myself that it was a pretty boring stretch. Never done on 2 wheels, but very often in the car. And I LOVE to drive “sporty”. The twistier the better. Kangaroo Valley …………… what do you think about that?

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