BMW K1300R Review


Ich Ben Ein Berliner! Wait, umm, BMWs are made in Munich. Well, it IS German, and all that really matters is that this is one fine piece of engineering. With over 170 ponies and over 100ft-lbs of torque, this piece of Bavarian ingenuity truly is a naked beast. And yet, the ride is supremely confident and settled, especially with the ESA (electronic suspension adjustment) and anti-slip control (ASC). Somehow we think that BMW has a case of TMA (too many acronyms.) But we digress…

This is a great bike. Maybe you’ll look like a bit of a poser, riding a $15,000 naked bike, but hey, really, guys like me will just be jealous of you. I say if you can swing the sticker price, this is a bike that will treat you very well and be a hell of a fun ride.

Over at Visor Down they got a chance to run this bike through it’s paces and have a full review for your reading pleasure.

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  • Actually, BMW motorcycles are made in Berlin…

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