A View into the Zero Motorcycles Factory

A Blue 2010 Zero S streetbike

Yes, you can try one out. Do it!

So what’s up with this whole electric motorcycles thing? That’s what I had been wondering for a while, so I decided to set up a test ride and find out for myself. And since this Motorcycle News Guy happens to live about 100 miles north of the headquarters of Zero Electric Motorcycles, I figured what better way to try out an electric bike than with a visit to their company headquarters? Continue reading A View into the Zero Motorcycles Factory

King of the Sport-Tourers?

BMW K1300 vs. Honda VFR1300 Comparison Review

from www.motorcycle.com

Who shall be King of the Sport-Tourers? Ok, this can’t really be a battle for the crown, since we’re excluding some other notable bikes that can both carve corners and carry some serious luggage. But we’d like to think that one of these two beasties has a chance to take the crown. After all, they both displace over 1200cc, they come from well-respected brands, have excellent finish and build quality, and cost a pretty penny, too.

Your Motorcycle New Guy would be more than happy to put either of these gorgeous machines through their paces. The winding roads of Highway 1 just north of San Francisco would be a perfect spot, I think.

Personally, the idea of a powerful sport-touring motorcycle just resonates so strongly in me – it makes me think of freedom and adventure – that I’m sure I’ll own one at some point. I would feel lucky if it were one of these two.

For more details, dyno charts, and lots of pretty photos check out the full comparo (including video) from Motorcycle.com.

MotoGP 2010 Season is Almost Here

Sunday… MotoGP is back! And I’m more excited for this season than I have been since I first started watching back in 2004. Why? Ben Spies. After blowing through World Superbike last year on his way to a championship in his ROOKIE SEASON, Ben is now teamed up with Colin Edwards for Yamaha, and I can’t wait to see what he can do against Rossi, Lorenzo, and Stoner.

Click the image to watch MotoGP highlights from Qatar in 2009

And best of all, MotoGP this year will be broadcast on Speed Channel in HD – finally! I’m truly looking forward to seeing how this season plays out and have been getting myself pumped up by watching GP videos on Youtube. If you like motorcycle racing, these are great short highlight videos and are a blast to watch.

Here’s hoping for a fun, competitive season.

BMW K1300R Review

from www.visordown.com

Ich Ben Ein Berliner! Wait, umm, BMWs are made in Munich. Well, it IS German, and all that really matters is that this is one fine piece of engineering. With over 170 ponies and over 100ft-lbs of torque, this piece of Bavarian ingenuity truly is a naked beast. And yet, the ride is supremely confident and settled, especially with the ESA (electronic suspension adjustment) and anti-slip control (ASC). Somehow we think that BMW has a case of TMA (too many acronyms.) But we digress…

This is a great bike. Maybe you’ll look like a bit of a poser, riding a $15,000 naked bike, but hey, really, guys like me will just be jealous of you. I say if you can swing the sticker price, this is a bike that will treat you very well and be a hell of a fun ride.

Over at Visor Down they got a chance to run this bike through it’s paces and have a full review for your reading pleasure.

Buell 1190RR, What could have been…

from www.motorcycledaily.com

It’s hard to look back on the past. There are so many ways you can think “if only” and ponder how circumstances could have been different. Such is the case with Buell Motorcycles, condemned by Harley-Davidson management to the dustbin.

For those of us who appreciated what Erik Buell was trying to do with his innovative ideas, it’s sad to know that the 1190RR won’t be sold as a street-legal machine. Lighter, torquier, and more powerful than the 1125, this full-faired v-twin truly could have been a match for the Japanese thousands and the Ducati 1198. I for one would have loved to see one competing in AMA racing next year.

MotorcycleDaily has some more details on what could have been a very competitive superbike.

Zero Motorcycles is on to Something Good

The new 2010 Zero DS electric motorcycle in colors

from www.zeromotorcycles.com

What’s that sound? Oh, wait, you can’t really hear anything? That’s because it’s the sound of an electric Zero Motorcycle whizzing by… no screaming 600cc supersports here, just the sound of the wind in your ears, loads of down-low torque, lots of environmental friendlyism, and crazy-good gas mileageism. Oh, and for 2010, COLORS! I might have a motogasm (whatever that is). Woo-hah, are we happy to see some pretty colors splashed on what were previously drab bikes.

Zero now has 4 different models to choose from so you can pick your poison – street riding, a dual-sport, or pure offroad fun are yours to be had – all for under $10k. Just plug one of these puppies into a 110 or 220-volt outlet, power up, and you are ready to roll.

Oh, and Zero Motorcycles is now doing test rides. Yeah, we love that too.

Check out all the goodness at the Zero Motorcycles Website.

Aprilia RSV4R Review

from www.motorcycle.com

Have you been lusting after that new sweet-sounding Aprilia RSV4 but find yourself without enough deneiro for the almightly factory version? Well then, never fear, because for the low low price of $15,999 you can have 180 ponies in your pocket!

Ok, really, this bike is not cheap by any means, and is a couple K more than even the BMW S1000RR…. but it is Italian, it is brand new, and the handling and engine on it are absolutely stunning.

To me the most telling thing about this bike is that Max Biaggi was able to take multiple podium spots in World Superbike with it last year despite the bike being in its very first year. That speaks something to the amazing power delivery of this bike.

Oh, and yeah, it looks pretty damn gorgeous too. My local dealer’s got one – I’m going to see if I can get myself a test ride on one. In the meantime, whet your appetite with this full review over at motorcycle.com.

Mmmm… Tasty New Ducatis

from www.motorcycledaily.com

from www.motorcycledaily.com

Ok, Ducati, damn you once again for making me lust after your Italian goodness. After launching the baby brother 796 hypermotard, Ducati just had to go out and pump up the big bro a little bit. And thus the 2010 Ducati Hypermotard 1100 EVO was born.

What does it mean? Only that the engine and chassis have been redone, turning the light, nimble, and powerful Hypermotard into an even lighter more nimble, and downright beastly ride.


Oh, and you can get a higher-spec EVO SP too.

Check out motorcycledaily’s little intro bit, or, for more info, take a gander at the article over at Motorcycle.com.


Dainese Presents Premium New Motorcycle Gear

from www.dainese.com

from www.dainese.com

Alright, what’s almost as sweet as a gorgeous new 2-wheeled ride? Yeah, that’s right, some slick leather gear that not only makes you look badass but will also keep all your parts intact during and after an unanticipated spills on the tarmac. Dainese (one of my favorite motorcycle gear brands) has done it again with their new 2010 line of motorcycle suits, jackets, and clothing.

Highlights of the line include a new consumer airbag racing suit (already crash-tested in a 125cc GP race last year), and some slick retro-designed goods. And of course, Dainese never neglects the ladies – and I for one love a woman sporting sexy leather motorcycle gear.

Motorcycle.com has a report on the new line, so if you’re interested check it out.

You can also hop by the official Dainese site to whet your appetite for spending some dough on gear for the new year.


The Ducati Multistrada 1200 Revealed

Finally, after all the waiting and hype, the new Multi 1200. Enjoy: